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The start

I came to deviantART when I was 15 years old. Believe it or not this account was started out of me being a drama llama over this one girl I kind of liked who was taken by some guy on a now defunct message board. I had a foolish notion of trying to overcome her art skill, she was around 20 or something. Now that I think about it such a stupid reason to do something, but I'm glad I went with it. Using the energy from my disappointments has been something I've done as far back as I can remember.

A little backstory

You see, the thing was that I was under the mistaken, and dangerous, belief that having a girlfriend could prevent another bout of depression. I had just come off a medicine that would have driven most people to suicide, but I was afraid of dying so I never did it.

What happened next

Now the reason I mentioned the abandoned forum was that I was a huge Wall-e fan. After some drama on there and with the problems I was having at the time I decided I should completely abandon my Wall-e obsession with a new one, and that would be the flash series There She Is!! It was rather a silly way of thinking, wouldn't you agree? When I first came on here I thought I was one of the best artists in the world. I never expressed that back then, and I've always been trying to improve my skills. I quickly found a chatroom with other TSI!! fans and to be honest I didn't really feel at home there. It wasn't until a lot of started leaving there that I guess the resulting empty niches that I then gleefully filled.

Here's the  first two pictures I ever uploaded

Nabi The Seeker of Darkness by JjinttaSet A scene from There She Is by JjinttaSet

Here's the last I've uploaded so far

Mike vs. Paulo by JjinttaSet

First girlfriend I ever had

I met her on here in the spring of 2010, and that relationship never really expanded outside of dA. Oh sure I tried to get her on facebook, but it only lasted a limited time. It wasn't until a year after the breakup that I had her on my facebook friends list. Needless to say it was a complete failure, and at the end of 2012 I decided to terminate all communication with her permanently. It took me a whole year to realize I was wasting my time, but that's all an aside. Anyways, back when it was still alive it was just full of silliness. To be honest, I'm quite glad now that I have been out of that relationship with her for over 3 years now, it was unhealthy for me.

Second girlfriend

So not too long after the breakup occurred, I started talking to another girl. This relationship was not forged out of passion like my first one was, and it took a little while to get couple status and there was no one day it occurred. For you see, it happened over a long while. I am currently in communication with her and we are trying for the 4th or 5th time of trying to make it work. All I hope for in it is that it stays as healthy as possible, and that it NEVER becomes unhealthy because both of us deserve a healthy relationship and no one deserves an unhealthy one.

EDIT (17/08/14):

This one has ended permanently as well.

The last 2 years

For a while I was without a girlfriend, mostly to collect my thoughts and to get over my heartache. I had become a fan of AT and I was creating fanart of that for over a year or so. Interesting that what drew me to AT was Finn X FP, and after that fell through I kind of stopped watching, but I still look for Simon episodes, because those are best ones.


You know what though? After typing all of this, I realize how little time I actually spend on artwork when I'm on here. I also realize how little time I spend in the dA community, but mostly in my little world. In most of my time here I was always trying to get people to give me advice on my pictures, but soon I realized that most comments on here are compliments just meant to be polite and nothing much else. Now I feel like changing some things that I do here in order to better fit the role of an entertainer on here.

Anyways, if you've made it this far then thank you for reading all of that.

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